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51 years of Lava® lamp


The Lava® lamp was invented by Edward Craven Walker in England.


Lava Lite® formed in U.S to sell Lava® lamps. First production Lava® lamp was called The Century.


Lava Lite® produces the Carlisle Lava® Lamp. In later years, pinholes were added, and it was renamed the Wizard.


Lava® Lamps explode in popularity. Lava Glitter Lamps are introduced to the market


Lava® Lamps see resurgence in popularity, and also introduce the 32oz globe. This is known as the Electrick Series.


Lava Lite® produces the 20oz Lava® Lamp, which is currently our most popular size.


The colussus, a 4 foot Lava® Lamp is introduced to the public. This is the largest Lava® Lamp ever made for retail purchase.


Lava Lite® LLC, currently headquarted in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, still holds the trademark to Lava® Lamp shape and brand. With 55 unique models, Lava® lamps continue to maintain their popularity among consumers.